Alianza Goes through CDMX

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Nobody is excluded. Nothing and no one is above the project. We recognize the women and men who have expressed their interest in participating,” the opposition alliance said yesterday in Mexico City.

The leaders of the PRI, PAN and PRD that make up the #VaPorLaCDMX alliance work together to define a method that guarantees equity, transparency and plurality, and that adheres to electoral norms, without delay and without haste."

That position was established yesterday by the local leaders of the aforementioned parties, Israel Betanzos, Andrés Atayde and Nora Arias, respectively, through a document signed by the three.

Although they do not openly refer to the election of pre-candidates for the head of Government, they do point out that “they build the foundations to select the profile that represents this victorious project. Project that in 2021 left important precedents on the direction that CDMX wants to take.”

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Furthermore, the text is preceded by information that circulated on the social network PRD, PAN and PRI Two candidates from each party had already agreed that they would compete for the candidacy for the Mexico City.


From the PRD the names of Nora Arias and federal deputy Luis Espinosa Cházaro appeared; from the PAN, the mayors of Benito Juárez, Santiago Taboada, and Álvaro Obregón, Lía Limón, and from the PRI, the mayor of Cuajimalpa, Adrián Rubalcava and the federal representative, Cynthia López.

Moments after the information was published, Atayde responded with a message on the same social network X:

I don't know your source, but what you just published is not true" and shared a statement from the alliance on September 14, in which they highlighted that they would maintain "unrestricted respect for the electoral calendar" and that communication between the three leaders had been kept “constant and fluid.”

The next day, the leader of the PRD bench in the Congress of Mexico City, Víctor Hugo Loboasked the leaders of the three parties to “act with full transparency in the definition of the candidates” for the candidacy for the head of Government, in which he has shown interest.

On October 4, Lobo and a group of PRD members demonstrated in front of the national headquarters of the PRD to ask the national leader of that party, Jesús Zambrano, not to intervene in the process in Mexico City. in the definition of the opposition candidate.

One of the alleged beneficiaries indicated in that October 2 tweet, Adrián Rubalcava, mayor of Cuajimalpa, He had also shown disagreement with the process, but in the sense of rushing it: “They want to push the process until November 5; For us that is a tragedy, it has to be decided immediately,” he said a couple of weeks ago.

Taboada has also shown some impatience, since on October 5 he announced that in two more weeks he could leave office and ask the local Congress for leave. once the alliance defines the rules to designate the opposition candidate.

I had already advanced a little three months ago, the July 11: “I am going to wait for the call to come, how the call is arranged and, in that case, of course, the moment there is a clear call, that there are rules in that sense, I will make the decision, whether to make a leave or separate from my position permanently.”

The mayor of Cuauhtémoc with temporary license, Sandra Cuevas, has also put pressure on the alliance, who on October 2 expressed: “If there is no respect, if there is no agreement, if there is no recognition, of course there would be a breakup and of course I would leave the alliance.”

And he clarified: “I'm not telling you to give me the candidacy by force, I'm telling you 'value my work, look at my popularity and the positioning I have in the 16 mayoralties'.”



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