Alfonso Lastras Stadium would show luxury changes for Clausura 2024

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The president of Atlético de San LuisJacobo Payán Espinosa, announced that, for the start of the next tournament is contemplated brand new at the Alfonso Lastras Ramírez stadium, lightning and one big screenas part of the improvements to the property.

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The issue of the changes, the lamps have already been purchased, they are barely on their way, they will be in place in a month, two months maximum, the issue of the screen, it is a single, large one, which goes above the south goal of the stadium, It has already arrived, it is physically in San Luis and we chose to do it until the end of the season since there is a civil work in the part of the esplanade where people enter and it would be difficult to do the work from one game to the next, due to a risk issue. "It was decided to inaugurate it in January, with the first game."

He added that he also They are contemplating the possibility of completing the third floor of boxes of the stadium and the roofing in the part Thisalthough this is still under analysis and is not yet defined.

Besides, on the topic that the Potosí team Lost the leadership of the general table after the defeat against Tijuana, he indicated that he is not worried about this situationsince the objectives set at the beginning of the project are still very viable. Opening 2023 of qualify to the league.

The issue of being at the top of the table is a surprise to be in first place, I think everyone is happy, but we also have to be realistic, our goal is 24 points and enter the league, we are on our very achievable goal, we already made a point more than last season, I think it is that the fan understands that there will be games that are going to be lost even if you have the best team, although this does give us a commitment to work, but I believe that what is being done is to have a competitive team.”

In that same sense, Payan Espinosaconsidered that sand must work to make the localia weigh more and this translates into points that the team can secure in the Alfonso Lastras.

We should understand both the board, the coaching staff and fans, players above all, understand that at home we must be almost invincible, we cannot lose a point playing at home, I think this should be the beginning of that commitment, it hurts me more to have lost here with Cruz Azul than with Tijuana.”


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