Alfaro will support the presidential candidate designated by the Citizen Movement

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The governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfarosaid that he will respect the decision he makes Citizen movement for the choice of your Presidential candidateamong whom may be the senator Dante Delgado or the governor of Nuevo León, Samuel Garcia and added that he will remain in the ranks of the party.

“I believe that Dante is a professional politician, and a man with more than enough credentials to aspire to that position (the Presidency of the Republic). He has not expressed to me that he has that aspiration.

“Samuel is a very important asset, without a doubt, a person who has enormous drive, and a friend whom I respect and who, if he makes the decision to participate, I will be very happy that MC has a candidate from the movement and, I am sure, he will play a very worthy role, yes that is true.

Within the framework of the inauguration of the Ephemeral Museum of Jalisco in the Senate of the Republicthe state president was accompanied by the senators of the Jalisco entity, Verónica Delgadillo and Clemente Castañeda, as well as by Senator Dante Delgado, leader of Citizen movement.

Alfaro stressed that he is moving away from politics to dedicate himself 100% to serving the people of Jalisco and realizing the achievements of his government in terms of equality, economic development and security, and he hoped that Jalisco and Mexico would do well.

“I also expressed that I had made the decision to retire from political life, I am in that decision, but I will always have a decision with Dante based on respect and I am very pleased to have greeted him today,” he indicated.

During his speech, Alfaroemphasized the need to periodically review the Fiscal Coordination Agreement between the Federation and the states, since the majority of tax collection remains in the center of the country, unprotecting some entities such as Jalisco.

“At once, we establish here that we are not going to remain silent, that Jalisco has already established the route, even, if necessary, to build an exit from the Fiscal Pact, and assume our responsibilities and constitutional powers in the matter, if the “The federation is insensitive to the fair demands that we put on the table,” he stressed.

The Ephemeral Museum of Jalisco It was inaugurated within the framework of the 200 years of the creation of Jalisco as the first free and sovereign state of the country, being the cradle of federalism in Mexico.

“Defend the federalist principles that Jalisco believes in, we are not going to give up on that purpose. Until the last day of my government, and I hope that whoever comes after us will do the same, defend our autonomy as a free and sovereign state,” he stressed.

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