Alfa González inaugurates, in Tlalpan, Taco Fair 8th Edition

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Mexico City.- The mayoress of Tlalpan, Alfa González Magallanes, inaugurated the eighth edition of the Taco Fair, on the demarcation esplanade, where it is estimated that more than 30,000 visitors will taste a great variety of styles in this gastronomic festival of tacos, in addition to crafts and cultural events and the participation of a stand of the Undersecretariat of the Penitentiary System, in which products made by persons deprived of their liberty will be exhibited and for sale.

According to the Tlalpense president, an economic flow of more than two million pesos is expected during the three days of the fair, starting today and until Sunday, June 18, from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

González Magallanes said that the event is already a tradition in Tlalpan, and also "we contribute to reactivate the local economy, to promote tourism because it is a source to generate resources and support local businesses."

The event is carried out in coordination with the Association of Mercantile Establishments of Mexico City, the Association of Mercantile Orders of CDMX and all the restaurateurs who sell their products in 50 food outlets, together with the offer of 70 artisans, artists and musicians from different parts of the capital.

“We receive with great affection and gratitude those who come from other municipalities and other states; there are tacos for all tastes and all budgets, ”she commented.

In addition, he invited the Tlalpense population and tourists from other municipalities and states to take advantage of their visit to the Tlalpan esplanade to enjoy the cultural offer at Casa Frissac, the History Museum and other attractions such as the mural on the facade of the government building “Three thousand years of history”, or a walk through the cobbled streets, or take a trip on the Tlalpan Tourist Tram; enjoy a delicious coffee in the 11 establishments of the Coffee Corridor, where you will find artisan bread made by master bakers.

As dishes at the fair, tacos include suckling pig, barbecue, steak, sausage, arrachera carnitas, sirloin, Argentine, Chilean, and northern cuts of meat, and other more exotic ones such as cultivated cockroaches, corn spiders, Chicatana ants, scorpions, farmed crocodile and buffalo, worms, wild boar, piglets, among others.

Among the participating restaurants are: A la Mexicana, Banquetes Ara, Puerco a la cubana, Mexico on the palate, Moctezuma, El amigo del paisano, Peribán, Rincón Jarocho, Cochinita El Kino, Paella, Oaxacan food, as well as delicious desserts such as crepes, ice cream, rompopes and typical Mexican sweets.

The Tlalpan mayor recalled that the event has all the hygiene, safety and civil protection measures.

Mayor Nahum Román Mendoza Roldán, executive director of Mexico City Penitentiary Work, was accompanied by representatives of the Association of Merchant Establishments of Mexico City, the Association of Business Transfers of the CDMX, as well as the directors and general directors of Administration, Social Development, Legal and Government Affairs, Urban Services, Citizen Participation, Cultural and Educational Rights, Environment, the councilors Danaé Calderón, Jorge García and Óscar Valencia, neighbors and neighbors .

With information from the Tlalpan Mayor's Office

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