Alexis Vega out of the Gold Cup, why did the Mexican soccer player return to Chivas?

Alexis Vega is a sensitive casualty for El Tri in the Gold Cup.

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Besides the turbulence within El Tri with the dismissal of Diego Cocca as coachthe squad of the Mexican National Team will also be depleted for the Gold Cup. The Aztec team will not have Alexis Vega in a tournament in which Mexico will seek to clean up its image from recent failures.

Alexis Vega is one of the best players in Liga MX and a footballer with a lot of projection within the Mexican National Team. The Aztec was called up by Diego Cocca for the Concacaf Nations Leaguebut he could not play in any game because he was not physically well.

For the Gold Cup there was the same uncertainty about a footballer who would arrive between cotton wool. But within the Mexican National Team they made the decision to exclude Vega from the call to return to the concentration with his club and continue with his rehabilitation process.

What is Alexis Vega's injury?

The direction of National Teams informs that Alexis Vega has been dropped from the final call of the Mexican National Team that will participate in the Gold Cup due to injury. The player will report to his club to continue his rehabilitation process," the federal entity reported in a statement.

Alexis Vega has had problems with his right knee. These inconveniences have prevented him from developing the practice of soccer under optimal performance. The place left by the Chivas de Guadalajara footballer could be occupied by Roberto Alvarado or Roberto de la Rosa. El Tri will play in the Gold Cup against the teams of Honduras, Qatar and Haiti in Group B.

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