Alexis Vega finished the novel: the Mexican decided his future with Chivas de Guadalajara, but on one condition

Alexis Vega has kept Chivas de Guadalajara fans attentive. The renewal of the Mexican with the “Sacred Flock” has been the pending issue in Liga MX. After so much uncertainty, both seem to have reached an agreement.

In conversations with El Franco del Fut, Alexis Vega revealed that he has entered into conversations with his agent and Ricardo Peláez. The people involved would seek a renewal with Chivas, but there would be an essential condition that the Azteca would put on the table.

The condition that Alexis Vega establishes to renew with Chivas de Guadalajara

The 24-year-old footballer would be watching his back. Alexis Vega would have as a condition a so-called “European clause”. This statute states that in the event that the a club from the Old Continent knocks on the club’s doors for him, the “Sacred Flock” must facilitate the player’s exit if he so wishes.

Without a doubt, this is a more than intelligent move on the part of the agent of the Mexican soccer player. Alexis Vega has had a great international showcase by standing out in matches with El Tri. If he continues with a similar performance, it will be a matter of time before the Aztec becomes a new player who steps on European soil.

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