Alexa Dellanos poses in bed, wearing tiny lingerie full of transparencies


You can rarely see Alexa Dellanos while recording one of the famous videos that he shares on his account Instagram. And through her stories on that social network, she showed herself holding her cell phone when posing in bed, wearing a sexy white lingerie set full of transparencies with which she showed off her voluptuous figure.

The beauty influencer of fashion and lifestyle also went out for a walk at night, sharing a clip in which she is seen skating and showing off her attributes in a tight white minidress; for a moment she was going to slip, but luckily she kept her balance.

Alexa earned over 300,000 likes thanks to photos that also show her in bed, but wearing patterned lingerie with which she showed off her rear to the fullest. She doesn’t include long messages next to her posts, so she just wrote “peace in bed.”

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