Alex Cruz announces his interest in running for mayor of Puebla for Morena

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The businessman and former federal delegate of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation in Puebla, Alejandro Cruz, announced his aspiration “to be the first mayor for Brunette in the capital of Puebla.”

Alex Cruz shared his vision and commitment to the values ​​of the Fourth Transformation (4T).

His business history covers construction, the manufacture of talavera and rustic furniture, as well as the import of various products. In his role as federal delegate of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Cruz brought business experience to the responsibilities entrusted to him.

The candidate explained his militancy in Morena as an act of conviction, emphasizing the importance of being on the side of the people and providing support to those who really need it, following the philosophy of President López Obrador. He also highlighted his support for Claudia Sheinbaum, leader who has significantly transformed Mexico City and continues the president's social project.

Regarding what citizens can expect from Puebla In his tenure as mayor, Cruz stated that he would focus on security, justice and legal support. In addition, he would promote sports, a police force that is closer to society and works that benefit the community. He also pledged to address challenges such as water scarcity, lack of basic services and improving infrastructure.

Regarding security, Alex Cruz plans to collaborate closely with the federal government and the National Guard to strengthen security on the highways surrounding Puebla. This will include the implementation of advanced technology, improvements to police equipment and specialized training.

Regarding the accusation that the PAN has turned water into a business, Cruz emphasized the need to thoroughly review the issue and find a way to provide a water service. clean and equitable water to the population, preventing it from becoming a business for a few.

Regarding his business experience, Cruz indicated that he will seek to manage Puebla efficiently, similar to a large company, reducing taxes where possible and working closely with entrepreneurs to encourage more companies to come to the capital.


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