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The Secretary of Public Security of the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo (SSP-SP), through the Online Women's Defense Police Station (DDM), reported this Sunday 60,000 complaints of domestic violence in the last two years.


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According to the authority, from April 2020 to date, 20,232 cases (33.72 percent) of threats have been reported, 12,270 (20.45 percent) crimes against honor and 11,670 (19.45 percent) were crimes. willful bodily harm.

The DDM Online was created in the midst of the start of the pandemic in Brazil, at the end of March 2020, to meet the demands of women in a situation of vulnerability, aggravated by social isolation after the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the possibility of possible aggressors being at home.

The coordinator of the Sao Paulo DDM, Jamila Ferrari, asserted that the organization also serves as a bridge to channel complaints against women, "it is as if each woman had a police station in the palm of her hand," she said.

Through the platform, victims can even request protection measures against their attackers. Also according to data from the SSP-SP, around 10,000 bulletins were converted into urgent protection measures issued by the courts during this period.

A recent survey by the Patrícia Galvão Institute and the Locomotiva Institute shows that in Brazil, 95 percent of women are afraid of being victims of rape, a crime that young and black women have suffered especially. Despite the seriousness that surrounds this type of violence, a significant part of the population still does not classify certain acts as violations.

It also emerged that while the prison population in São Paulo has decreased by 12 percent in five years, the number of prisoners for assaulting and threatening women has increased by 43 percent, according to the SAP (Prison Administration Secretariat).

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