Alert for risks of landslides and floods in Manabí, Ecuador | News

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At least 15 of the 22 cantons of Manabí, Ecuador, present a high risk of landslides and flooding, in a context where the region is on yellow alert due to the arrival of the El Niño phenomenon.


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The director of the local Risk Management Secretariat (SGR), Braulio Aguirre, pointed out that there are no details of what the impact of El Niño will be, but it is better to be cautious and take measures.

To this end, Aguirre added, actions will be carried out as part of the mitigation plan, such as cantonal contingency plans, dissemination of guidelines, road maintenance and expansion of sewers, accommodation management, identification of spaces for shelters, among others.

However, the entity is concerned about the obsolescence of the sewerage system in the region, which is between 10 and 20 years old and has completed its useful life.

Therefore, between this old age and the accumulation of garbage over the years, in various regions, rainfall can cause the collapse of the system and cause severe flooding.

The cantons such as Padernales, Jama, Flavio Alfaro, Santa Ana, Olmedo and Jipijapa have been evaluated as having a high risk of landslides.

At the same time that Jama, Chone, Sucre, Tosagua, Bolívar, Rocafuerte, Porto Viejo, Santa Ana and Junín, have a high possibility of suffering floods.

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