Alert for bedbug infestation in CDMX? They ask to report to Locatel

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About an alleged bedbug plague in Mexico City (CDMX) and if there is an alert for this, the head of government, Marti Batresspoke about it.

The above, after the presence of these insects in facilities of the Collective Transportation System (STC) Metroas well as in various faculties of the UNAMand in various campuses of the Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAM).

So far, there is no alert, but we are attentive,” he stressed.

Batres Guadarrama pointed out that, so far, his Government does not have no official information from the educational authorities of said study houses, regarding the presence of bed bugs in their facilities.

We still do not have information, much less a statement, that there is a plague in Mexico City (CDMX),” Batres said at a press conference.

And in the face of any (pest) attitude, fumigation actions have been carried out, as in the STC Metro,” said Batres Guadarrama.

He indicated that in public buildings fumigations per system, regardless of whether or not there is a report.

Meanwhile, if the general population has a bed bug problem in your homes, you can report it to Locatel, for the report to be sent to the health authorities, so that the corresponding actions can be carried out, said the head of the local Executive.

At UNAM, students demand information about alleged plague

For this Wednesday, October 4th, students from various faculties of UNAM They are calling a meeting, in the Islands of the Faculty of Law, to sue the university authorities information about the alleged plague.

And the report of the presence of bedbugs in the facilities of the Maximum House of Studies has caused the closure of various faculties of Ciudad Universitariaand even some students decided to take classes on the so-called Island.

In the Faculty of Philosophy and Lettersas well as in that of Psychologyclasses will be held online for the rest of the week for fumigation, while the Political Sciences announced the holding of virtual classes until further notice.

Likewise, in the FES Aragon Preventive fumigation actions were announced, so virtual classes will be taught.


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