Alert 500,000 people to storm in Sydney, Australia | News

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The Australian emergency services issued the evacuation order for 200,000 people on Thursday and put another 300,000 on alert before the advance towards the city of Sydney of a storm that during the last week caused heavy flooding and a balance of 13 deaths.


Floods in Australia leave at least four dead

Sydney, and in general the east bank of the country, was placed on alert due to intense rainfall with strong winds, which affect a 400-kilometer coastal region where around five million people live.

According to the media and experts, the damage caused by the storm has been serious in its slow movement south through an area between the states of Queensland and New South Wales.

An authority from New South Wales, Dominic Perrottet, stated: "Many people are waking up today to see part of their state under water." At the same time, he emphasized complying with evacuation calls, in order not to regret human casualties.

The concern of the authorities is based on the possibility that rainfall will reach 50-150 millimeters. In this regard, meteorologist Dean Narramore warned: "This can lead to dangerous and deadly flash floods."

At the same time, the risks increase due to the overflow from this Wednesday of a dam located southwest of Sydney, which accelerates the flooding.

Experts assure that the phenomenon of climate change has accentuated the occurrence of strong meteorological events such as droughts, fires, cyclones and floods in recent years.

In this regard, the academic of the Queensland University of Technology, Hilary Bambrick, confirmed that: "temperatures increase faster in Australia than the average in the world. And higher temperatures mean that the atmosphere retains more moisture and that events of rainfall are more extreme.

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