Alejandro Zendejas left in tears due to a blow, but América rules out that it is a serious injury

América did not go beyond a 2-2 draw with Santos Laguna, although beyond letting 2 points escape, The Eagles are concerned about the injury to Alejandro Zendejas, who left with tears and visible concern due to an injury he sustained in the match.

When the game was about 16 minutes in, Zendejas tried to reach a mark and before coming face to face he fell and immediately requested medical assistance with clear gestures of pain.

The player grabbed the back of his right leg, while Brian Rodríguez came on for Zendejas in the 17th minute. The American player came out on a stretcher and was immediately taken to the locker room to see the severity of the injury.

Fernando "Tano" Ortiz ruled out a serious injury in the press conference after the game and explained that it was only a tear on the back of his right leg.

“Zendejas suffered a tear and will have days to recover it. Richard Sánchez had a deep cut in the knee and could not flex. Those who entered did so in a good way. I'm leaving happy with the collective performance”, declared Ortiz in the conference after the 2-2 draw between América and Santos.

The Azulcrema arrived with the plate of having thrashed Mazatlán in what was their first victory of the championshipFor its part, the team led by Eduardo Fentanes would come out with everything and without complexes.

The Eagles had to come from behind on a couple of occasions to be able to get just one point in their visit to Santos, and thus continue adding ties in this edition of the Clausura Tournament.

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