Alejandro Soto: Photo of the checks for $265,000 that prove the fraud against Transportes Wayna Picchu

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President of Congress ignored his lawyer's arguments | channel N

The President of the Board of Directors of the Congress, Alejandro Sotowas accused before the tax authorities of scam for the sale of a property to $265,000 that months before he himself had acquired it from $5,000. Soto Reyes, then legal advisor to the company Transport Wayna Picchu, he would have taken advantage of his position to convince the board of directors to make said purchase in 2012.

Transportes Wayna Picchu affirms that the board of directors that authorized the purchase of the land from the peasant community did not know until that day the true identity of the seller (Alejandro Soto) to whom the amount of the purchase was issued in two checks: US$200,000 on the 26th of November and $65,000 on December 24. This information was discovered thanks to an audit.

About, The Republic published the photography of checks that they would verify the transfer made to Alejandro Soto's accounts, which prove that he himself received them, as evidenced by his signatures and fingerprints.

These documents were delivered by the company Transport Wayna Picchu Judge Carlos Román Gil in order to obtain payment for civil compensation for damages against the seller.

First check for US$200,000 dated November 26 that would prove Alejandro Soto's scam against Transportes Wayna Picchu. Photo: The Republic.
First check for US$200,000 dated November 26 that would prove Alejandro Soto's scam against Transportes Wayna Picchu. Photo: The Republic.
Second check for US$65,000 dated December 24 that would prove Alejandro Soto's scam against Transportes Wayna Picchu. Photo: The Republic.
Second check for US$65,000 dated December 24 that would prove Alejandro Soto's scam against Transportes Wayna Picchu. Photo: The Republic.

It is presumed that the current president of the Board of Directors of Congress bought a luxurious property valued at US$252,000 in the Cuzco district of St Geronimoin 2015. The money deposited for this purchase would have been the product of the fraudulent sale that he made to Transportes Wayna Picchu because in the registry item to which he agreed The Republicit is not stated that the space has been paid for through a mortgage.

Photos of the checks he received for the sale of a property to Transportes Wayna Picchu.
Photos of the checks he received for the sale of a property to Transportes Wayna Picchu.

In his self defense argumentAlexander Soto has communicated that the company did not present the claim for the acquisition of the land until 5 years had passed, and indeed this happened, since it was in 2017 when Transportes Wayna Picchu identified the lie that the congressman made in collaboration with other members of the organization.

The prosecutor Etel Marquina Rodríguez corroborated the facts presented by the aggrieved company and requested a sentence of 8 years and 8 months in prison for Alejandro Soto, for the alleged crime of fraud and generic falsehood. However, the former adviser devised some tactics with his lawyers to avoid jail, which seemed imminent at the time.

Soto Reyes managed to extend the date of the judgment of the trial until July 21, while he worked in Congress to introduce the debate on the passing of a statute of limitations that could exempt you from a prison sentence. With the vote in favor of him in the Chamber, Law No. 31751 was promulgated. On July 14, Soto requested to take advantage of this law to file the accusation against him.

Judge Carlos Román accepted Soto's request on July 21 and issued the archival resolution on July 24, just 48 hours before Soto was elected president of Congress. Despite the file, Soto was still required to pay civil damages. Judge Román indicated that the aggrieved party, Transportes Wayna Picchu, had the right to request this compensation.

Although the statute of limitations prevented Soto from facing a criminal conviction, it did not eliminate the crime of fraud. As a consequence, Transportes Wayna Picchu presented to the judge evidence of checks that demonstrated the fraud perpetrated by Soto, who now holds the position of president of Congress.

Now, the attention of the company Transportes Wayna Picchu is directed towards the fulfillment of the payment of a civil compensation for damages. In this sense, the complainant company claims that the congressman of Alliance for Progress disburse in your favor S/324,000.

In addition to being accused of promoting the purchase of his land, Waynapicchu SA also denounced his then lawyer Alejandro Soto for failing to comply with the elaboration of the company's statutes despite having received S/6,945.00 for the service.

Although the president of Congress, Alejandro Sotohas assured that it would not use the law 31751, These statements would be totally false, since the congressman's own lawyer cited the aforementioned law among his allegations.

Besides, Infobae Peru released a series of documents that support that not only reference was made to the law promoted by Soto in the requests for dismissal of the case, but also that the judge admitted Soto's defense based on the modification introduced by law to the penal code .

According to a report released on Wednesday, August 16 by Julian stylethe president of the Congress, Alejandro Sotobuilt an illegal building in Yucay, a historic district of Cusco. Despite the fact that the norm allows two levels, the head of Parliament decided to build 5 floors. The restriction was established because it is a protected archaeological site, with Inca temples and palaces.

The engineer Romero Hinojosa, assistant manager of Infrastructure and Urban Development of the commune, explained to the program that, according to a municipal ordinance prepared with the Ministry of Culture, the construction is included in an archaeological zone that is patrimony of the Nation.

According to research from the program Julian stylehe president of congressAlejandro Soto, had a surprising increase in his assets between 2010 and 2022. Strictly speaking, the Alianza para el Progreso (APP) legislator informed the Comptroller General of the Republic that his assets were close to the sum of S/ 3,461 .597.27.

The aforementioned local media detailed that Soto, when he had no political aspirations, reported only S/7,120. This figure was divided between the salaries he received from the public sector (S / 3,120) and the private sector (S / 4,000).

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