Alejandro Sanz sold off his Miami mansion after being scammed by a friend and being bankrupt

Alejandro Sanz.

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The last few days have not been easy for the Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz and he has made this known to his followers through the messages he has posted on his Twitter account, in which he expressed that he is not feeling well.

"I'm not well. I don't know if this is any use, but I want to say it. I am sad and tired (…) Sometimes I don't even want to be there ”, reads a fragment of the extensive message that she published on May 26.

Although the Iberian interpreter has not detailed the reasons for his state of mind, the one who did was the Spanish paparazzo Jordi Martinwho is famous for the punctual follow-up that he has made of Shakira and Piqué after their separation.

According to the photographer, the problems of the interpreter of 'Corazón Partío' originated after he was the victim of a scam by someone he considered a friend, who took him to court causing his accounts to be frozen and which triggered the sale of one of his mansions.

The above was shared by Martin during his speech on the Peruvian program 'Amor y Fuego', where he detailed what people close to the artist told him. They told him that not only would he have lost money from the sale of what was his home, but also that he would be bankrupt.

“Alejandro Sanz is having a bad time. This topic has never been explained and it comes to me from a source very close to him. Alejandro Sanz has been swindled, he has been deceived by a close friend of his, a person of the utmost confidence in whom he placed all his trust to organize the tour for him a year and a half ago in the United States.

This person organizes the tour for you. In addition, Alejandro Sanz entrusts him with part of his personal assets. When the tour ends, discrepancies arise and this person demands a figure of €200,000 from the artist. Alejandro Sanz refuses to pay that amount and this man sues him in court in Miami. The Miami court, what he does is, while the trial is taking place, he blocked Alejandro Sanz's accounts, ”Martin added about the scam that manager Juan Gervás would have done on him.

To then say: "The house where he lived (in Miami) had a mortgage and since his accounts were frozen, he cannot pay the mortgage, he cannot afford those very high expenses and he has to sell it off with all the pain in his heart because that was his haven of peace where he lived for the last 20 years”

This has been very painful for Alejandro Sanz, not only the great betrayal of his friend, but selling his house because he was happy in Miami. Let's remember that the core of his friends all reside in Miami. So, he was affected by the economic destruction and the great deception on the part of his soul brother, ”Martin concluded.

The house in question was valued at about $16,000,000 dollarsbut Sanz had to settle for receiving half from the businessman David Grotman, who is the current owner of what was his home for two decades.

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