Alejandro Murat, former governor of Oaxaca, leaves the PRI

Alejandro Murat, former governor of Oaxaca, leaves the PRI
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Alejandro Murat Hinojosa, former governor of Oaxacapresented his resignation from the Institutional Revolutionary Party irrevocably.

In a statement published online, he thanked the people with whom, he said, he fought at different stages of his life “for a better Mexico.”

Fight for rights

He claimed to have fought for rights such as free, quality public education that would allow children and youth to make their dreams come true.

In addition to the right of each region of the country to be able to consolidate its productive vocation and thus generate platforms for social, labor and development inclusion.

Murat added that “the right to decent employment so that each Mexican can achieve the full freedom that gives an income to each family. The right to a field with support and greater productivity,” he stated.

“The right of indigenous peoples to their free self-determination. The right of women to a life without violence. The right to an environment that provides viability for present and future generations. The right to respect freedoms, institutions and democracy. The right to a Mexico that grows more equally,” she stressed.

Former governor of Oaxaca

The politician assured that he is defined by actions and results as when he was a federal deputy, director of Infonavit and governor of Oaxaca.

He gave the Interoceanic Corridor project as an example and even paraphrased Luis Donaldo Colosio when he said that “Mexico does not want political adventures, it does not want leaps into the void.”

He pointed out that he cannot be part of something that does not define him as a person or as a politician and that does not correspond to Mexico's vision to continue participating in public life.

He announced the creation of the Progressive Alliance for Mexico to generate an open space for dialogue, discussion and reflection.


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