Alejandro Cavero's controversial reaction after being insulted in a restaurant: “You have to take it from who it comes from”

Alejandro Cavero's controversial reaction after being insulted in a restaurant:
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The congressman spoke about this incident through his X account and stated that "You have to take it from where it comes from." (Composition: Infobae Peru)

This Friday, a user of the social network X, formerly known as Twitter, published a video showing a citizen insulting the congressman Alejandro Cavero while he remained in a restaurant.

Cavero Alva, from the bench of Country Advancesis one of the 'fathers of the country' most criticized for his controversial comments and bills that he promotes from the Congress of the republic.

The parliamentarian was the victim of an awkward moment when he was sharing with a group of people. In the clip published on the internet, the lawyer is seen at a table in a restaurant, apparently at night. The legislator remained at one of the tables reading the establishment's letter when a person approached him and said: “Speak up, idiot.”

After the surprise assaultthe official only chose to look at the subject who insulted him, lower his head and continue reading the food menu.

Faced with the attack, the parliamentarian only chose to bow his head and continue reading the letter he had on the table. (Video: Twitter)

This event was recorded and broadcast on the X network. The publication was commented on by Cavero, who downplayed this incident. “There is always a sick person loose out there. We have to take it from whoever comes from, what are we going to do,” he mentioned.

It is not the first time that the congressman Alejandro Cavero He is a victim of these insults. The previous year, the legislator denounced that his colleague Alex Paredes He insulted him on more than one occasion. “All of us in this Chamber have heard how Congressman Paredes has insulted me and called me 'imbecile', president. And everyone here has heard it, president. So, really the one who is insulting and disrespecting is him,” he said.

The young lawyer questioned the attitude of the national representation and how this is linked to his role as a teacher. “And I say again: what a pity for those teachers, what they must have taught their students.” The official rejected these disrespectful acts against him.

“I have told him in my two interventions. It's my point of view, if someone doesn't think so, okay, they have the right to disagree. I have not insulted or disrespected anyone. So, just respect the teachers, that 'these' thing is disrespectful, president,” he added.

This Friday, a young woman confronted the legislator Patricia Chirinosalso from Avanza País, when reminding him of his affiliation to Chimpum Callao, the movement led by three individuals currently imprisoned for corruption: Álex Kouri, Félix Moreno and Juan Sotomayor. It is worth mentioning that this movement was classified as a criminal organization both by the Public Ministry and by a parliamentary commission.

The meeting took place in a restaurant in San Isidro, where the deputy was together with her advisor, the former chancellor. Miguel Rodrigueza moment that was captured on video by the protester.

During the incident, the opponent accused Chirinos of enjoying luxuries while Peruvians suffer from economic difficulties. In addition, she questioned her about her actions for the benefit of Callao, in addition to her connection with a prisoner convicted of corruption, Félix Moreno, who was accused of receiving protection from the legislator.

“[En un lugar] of luxury while the people are dying of hunger. What have you done for Callao, apart from being part of the criminal organization?Felix Moreno where is? Corrupt prisoner and you shielded him,” they rebuked him.

What is he going to do to me, is he going to kill me? I am going to pass all this on to the networks, all of the henchmen of Patricia Chirinos [están] here throwing me away. As always, he has ordered people to be thrown out. Don't let him come to eat here, your restaurant is salty,” he continued.

After this incident, Chirinos chose to leave the scene.

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