Alejandra Valencia shines; golden lock

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Archer Alejandra Valencia had an unforgettable afternoon at the shooting complex of the Pan American Games in Santiago on a final day of competition in which she confirmed her status as the best exponent of her discipline in the hemisphere by achieving her three-time championship in the individual event.

Valencia (Hermosillo, October 17, 1994) expanded its legacy of sporting successes in an event in which it is already a benchmark in each competition in which it enters. In the dispute for gold she was paired against the Brazilian Ana Machado, who did not put up much resistance for a new medal for the Mexican when she fell with a score of 7-1.

12 years ago, the 29-year-old tricolor shooter began to write her sporting legacy in gold letters when she won the individual title in the Guadalajara 2011 competitions before turning 18. Four years ago she also won the gold in this event in the Lima 2019 edition.

Yesterday's gold makes her a three-time Pan American Games champion; In this edition of Santiago she also won the silver medals with the recurve team and the bronze with the mixed team. Achievements that add to her history, highlighting the bronze she won at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics in the mixed event.

Valencia is now the first Mexican to be a three-time individual champion in archery and with this new milestone she points towards the Paris Olympic Games, where she will be among the favorite shooters to fight for a place on the podium.

The Mexican archery representation closed in second position in the medal table with a pair of gold medals, three silver and three bronze, surpassed by the American shooters, who won five gold, four silver and one bronze.

The data

With pass to Paris

  • Alejandra Valencia and the rest of the Mexican archers already had their place secured for the 2024 Olympics before the Pan American Games.

Pan American Games Santiago 2023


  • EU 124 75 87 286
  • Brazil 66 73 66 205
  • Mexico 52 38 52 142
  • Canada 46 55 63 164
  • Cuba 30 22 17 69

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