Alejandra Espinoza shows off her great body and reveals that she loves running in Puerto Rico

Alejandra Espinoza at the Lo Nuestro Awards 2023.

Photo: Mireya Acierto / Getty Images

The television presenter Alejandra Espinoza showed in a video on Instagram that she is training hard to go to the Paris Marathon. In the publication, she revealed his defined body and commented on how much he loves running in Puerto Rico.

The first winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina arrived in Puerto Rico on Saturday with her husband. This Sunday morning he decided to take advantage of the atmosphere of the "island of charm" to go out and exercise in preparation to participate in the famous marathon in France.

Alejandra went out to her training with a mini red top, some mini shorts of various colors, running shoes, a cap and large headphones. The sports wardrobe revealed the athletic body that the artist has.

In the clip that she uploaded, she showed the beautiful view she had in the area where she was doing her exercises and stated that other places she can stop running, but that in Puerto Rico it is different because the place makes her fall in love with any landscape.

“I can be tired to run in many places but less in PR I love to run and see beautiful things and here wherever you turn. #parismarathontraining🇫🇷”Espinoza wrote to accompany his publication on the camera's network.

The presenter mentioned fatigue because she is used to actively communicating with her followers and on Saturday she published on her Instagram stories that she was exhausted, showing that her eyes practically closed on their own.

This Sunday also published stories showing the Puerto Rican landscape and took the opportunity to leave some messages for his followers. In one of the stories he said good morning, She commented that she ran 10 miles and this assured that it makes her very happy because her body is responding to this type of training without getting tired and resisting more and more.

She also stated that she was surprised that when she arrived on the island she was able to sleep until 6:30 in the afternoon and she thought that her body could not sleep. About her offspring, Matteo, commented that he did not travel with her and that he is in the care of her grandparents, Alejandra's parents.
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