Alec Baldwin sues part of the ‘Rust’ team for the accidental death of a director

American actor Alec Baldwin, 67, has sued the gunsmith and several crew members involved in the production of the film ‘Rust’ for negligence, accusing them of negligence in the death of their cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, by an accidental shot from the gun he was carrying.

In the lawsuit, picked up by CBS, Baldwin alleges that he was not responsible for the safety of the gun and did not know it was loaded with real bullets. He claims that the gunsmith, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, “didn’t carefully check the bullets or the gun.” She also claims that the assistant director, David Halls, “examined the weapon carefully and despite this, announced that the weapon was safe before giving it to Baldwin”.

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Finally, the 67-year-old actor accuses prop Sarah Zachry of “failing to disclose that Gutierrez-Reed had been acting recklessly off set and was a safety risk to those around her.”

The actor claims he never pulled the trigger of the gun, although FBI forensic evidence argued otherwise. The investigation concluded that what happened was an accident. Last month, Baldwin’s family and Hutchins reached an agreement and the actor announced that filming would resume.