Alberto Gamero finally renewed with Millonarios: the process will continue until 2026

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Both the directives, players and fans support Alberto Gamero's process in Millonarios - credit Colprensa

After several rumors, finally Millionaires announced the news that his fans had been waiting for so much and it was the renewal of the coach Alberto Gamerowhich will continue its successful process with the club until December 2026 after reaching an agreement with the board of directors.

Although he was champion of the Betplay League 2023 and the Betplay Cup 2022coach Samario had not signed the new agreement for different reasons, among them it was known that it was due to the lack of a better sports venue for the club, but the helmsman never confirmed that.

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With Gamer in Millionaires for the next three years, it is pending to know the composition of the staff for the Conmebol Libertadores 2024starting by knowing if Juan Pablo Vargas He will stay for the contest, because his contract ends in December 2023.

Through their social networks, the blue team made the renewal of Alberto Gamero official with a video in which you can see the testimonies of players, collaborators in the coaching staff, family members about what the coach has been in the blue team since his arrival. in December 2019.

With a video with several people from the blues highlighting the coach, the Bogotá team announced that the coach will continue until 2026 - credit Millonarios FC

Among these statements, appears that of Alejandro Correales, video analyst of the team, who maintained that “thanks to him I understand football much better,” as did Felipe Palmezano, physical trainer, who highlighted that his management is based on “discipline and work.”

Regarding the players, Fernando Uribe stated that Gamero is “a teacher in every sense of the word,” while Andrés Llinás, who raised his level thanks to the Samario coach, said that he is someone “who teaches a lot, cares a lot as “If I were a dad.”

The sports project of Millionaireswith Alberto Gamero In charge, he began in December 2019 with the aim of putting together a competitive roster, whose base is the youth team, that can fight for titles and stand out at an international level, and for that the first point to take into account was patience.

This is how the Ambassadors overcame a bad campaign in 2020, when they did not advance to the playoffs of the Betplay Leagueand since 2021 the fruits of the coach began to be seen, with the subtitle of Opening 2021 and classify the Conmebol Libertadores 2022.

Deportes Tolima and Millonarios during the first leg of the 2021-I final, which ended 1-1 and the second leg ended 2-1 for the "Pijaos" - Dimayor credit
Deportes Tolima and Millonarios during the first leg of the 2021-I final, which ended 1-1 and the second leg ended 2-1 for the "Pijaos" - credit Dimayor

Added to that, the resilience, work and patience to face the eliminations of different tournaments led to the first titles that were the Betplay Cup 2022before him Juniorand the Betplay League 2023 against National Athleticwhich was the summit of the entire process.

Another fact to highlight is the large number of young soccer players who became figures of Colombian soccer such as Juan Moreno, Andrés Llinás, Emerson Rodríguez, Stiven Vega, Andrés Gómez, Óscar Cortés, Beckham David Castro, Alex Moreno Paz, Luis Paredes, Sander Navarroamong other athletes from the lower divisions.

Although the process of Alberto Gamero is one of the most successful and recognized in Colombian soccer, the coach's pending point is performance at the international level, since in Libertadores and South America It has been left between the preliminary phases and the group rounds.

Only in the 2023 season, he failed in the goal of reaching the first round of the Liberatorsafter falling in the second qualifying round against Atlético Mineiroand in South American He was eliminated in group F against Defensa y Justicia and América Mineiro.

The attacker scored the team's second goal against Peñarol on the second day in Montevideo - credit ESPN

For this reason, the objective of Millionaires for 2024 is to have a good performance at the international level, once again be a protagonist abroad and ratify the Gamero process that other clubs such as America, National and Santa Fe they are trying to emulate.

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