Albert Pujols seeks a new record: 700 homers are not enough to improve his history in the MLB

Pujols can continue to add to his MLB history.

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Albert Pujols entered the history books of Major League Baseball, this because the player born in the Dominican Republic, who represents the Cardinals of San Luis reached 700 home runs for life inside the Big Top.

This fact made Pujols enter a select list of players who have hit that number of full-round drives and in that list we get important names like Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth.

However, and although the Dominican explained that he did not extend his playing time in the MLB to decorate his career, now he has time to seek a new record in the American tournament. This is the section of races pushed within the competition that is lived in the United States day to day.

But before all this, we must first take into account that the official records, according to numbers from the Elias Sports Bureau, company that keeps the official records of Major League Baseball, Babe Ruth got 1,983 dashes in his career. For its part, Pujols has 2,208 career goals, which put him past the Bambino in 2019.

But then how is it that he can top it or match it again?

This is due to RBIs began to be considered an official statistic until 1920but if Ruth's 1,983 runs are added to those achieved between 1914 and 1919 with the Boston Red Sox, According to the data collected, they should be add 230 annotations during that period, that is why the former player would be like this with 2,213 hairlines, more than Pujols owns.

Only time will tell if the 42-year-old will be able to serve as a trailer in at least five more chancesnumber of lines that you need in order to match Ruth's statistics in that section.

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