Albert Pujols enlarges his legend and connects his home run 701

Albert Pujols celebrates the 701st home run of his career in front of his fans.

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The Dominican Albert Pujols continues to write its history with golden letters within the Big Tent baseball. On this occasion he hit his 701st home run at Busch Stadium to the delight of the Cardinals fans who saw how his idol continued to enlarge his legend within the best baseball in the world.

The feat was achieved this time by the Dominican in the first game of the series between the Cardinals and the Pirates. This game ended with a final slate favorable to the red birds over the Pirates by two lines against one.

Albert Pujols 701

The Cardinals trailed as the fourth inning ran on Ji Hwan Bae's RBI single for the Pitsburg Pirates, It was like that when Albert Pujols' turn came and he hit the ball to the third floor of left field and managed to tie the actions and add the 701st home run of his career to the madness of his fans.

It should be noted that Pujols had hit home run 700 six days ago at Dodger Stadium and he had already secured his place in history and even more so in a season that will be the last in which the Dominican participates as a professional player.

Albert Pujols home runs

With Albert Pujols' 701st homer, the Dominican has hit 501 homers against right-handers and a total of 200 homers against left-handed pitchers.. In addition, this historic blow was the number 215 of Pujols in San Luis, which are divided into 121 in Busch Stadium III and 94 in Busch Stadium II.

An unforgettable season for the Dominican who will also participate in the playoffs with the Cardinals, a good way to close his career.

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