Albares denounces right-wing "hoaxes" about the Gaza war and highlights Spain's leadership in maintaining aid to Palestine

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, José Manuel Albares, denounced this Tuesday that the right is spreading "hoaxes" about Spain's position in the war between Hamas and Israel, ensuring that the Government has been "clear" in the recognition of Israel to defend itself respecting International Law and vindicating Spanish leadership in Europe when it comes to maintaining aid to Palestine. This is how the minister responded to criticism from PP and Ciudadanos in the Foreign Affairs committee of the European Parliament regarding Spain's position regarding the situation in the Middle East and the absence of the Government in international positions led by the United States. "It pains me to see some Spanish MEPs spreading hoaxes about the position of the Government of Spain. These far-right techniques should be outside the house of European democracy," said the Foreign Minister in the European Parliament, where he appeared. to explain the priorities of the Spanish presidency in terms of foreign policy. "The position is very clear, Hamas is a terrorist organization and Israel has the right to defend itself in accordance with International Humanitarian Law," he added, ensuring that the terrorist organization must be separated from the Gazan population and humanitarian access must be allowed to the Stripe. Spain has demonstrated its leadership at the European level by asking to maintain humanitarian aid to Palestine, defended the Foreign Minister, who pointed out that "Europe was not heard until Spain raised its voice and said that humanitarian aid must continue." Regarding the criticism that Spain has not been in international communications with Italy, France, Germany and the United States, Albares has regretted what he considered another "hoax", insisting that it is a format established between several members of the G7 of which Spain is not part "It's like telling Biden that she has been left out of a position in the EU Council," he said. Likewise, Albares has stressed the presence of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, at the international conference in Cairo this Saturday to manage the de-escalation of the crisis and that he has maintained contacts with his counterparts from Israel and Palestine, in addition to all the of the region and with the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, to discuss the war in the Strip.

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