Ajax of Edson Álvarez and Jorge Sánchez add third consecutive game without winning in the Netherlands

The Netherlands team that owns the services of the Mexicans Edson Álvarez and Jorge Sánchez added a new negative result in their local league, the Eredivise, because despite having a two-goal advantage and playing against a rival, Emmen, in relegation, Ajax was left without a win (3-3) for the third consecutive day and can distance itself from the leadership of PSV Eindhoven who still has to play his match on the fourteenth date.

A month ago Ajax dominated the Eredivisie. Now, having squandered all the advantage I had, He is third in the standings, although with intact options to fight for the title.

The team of Alfred Schreuder, also eliminated from the Champions League in the group stage, had a good chance to change the dynamic at the Oude Meerdijk stadium.

Nevertheless, after coming back from Jeroen Veldmate's six-minute goal that put the home team ahead, he reacted thanks to Kenneth Taylor who scored a brace. Both goals to a pass from Serbian Dusan Tadic. Before the half hour mark he seemed to sentence the clash with a goal from Steven Bergwijn.

But it didn't close the game the Ajax that was unable to stop the meritorious local reaction. Richairo Zivkovic closed the gap in the 58 and six from the end, the Belgian Mohamed Mouchoouari beat Remko Pasveer again and achieved the tie that brings Emmen closer to permanence and deepens Ajax's pothole.

With this, we can see how the reality of the Mexicans in Ajax is not the best of all, Well, as we have said, he lost the lead in the race for the local title. However, if we go to the personal, the story is different.

This motivated that Edson Álvarez played the 90 minutes of the game that ended in a drawalthough his partner and compatriot Jorge Sánchez did not have the same fate, as he himself remained on the substitute bench throughout the game.

With information from EFE

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