Aislinn Derbez poses with a seductive white strappy bikini in front of the sea

Aislinn Derbez She continues to show that she is living one of the best stages of her life, in which she is not only accompanied by her family and especially her daughter Kailani, because at a professional level she has also achieved great successes that she enjoys sharing with her followers on social networks. , who again confirmed it with a photograph in which showed off the changes she has achieved over the past few years while posing in a bikini.

And it is that the actress used her official Instagram profile again to publish a sensual photograph in which she showed off the great body she has obtained thanks to a change of habits that have benefited her not only in her family life, but also on a personal level. It has given him great results that even his fans have benefited from.

Along with the image in which appeared modeling a white strappy bikini in front of the sea, the daughter of Eugenio Derbez wasted sensuality and beauty in the same image. But she also revealed that big surprises are coming for her fans.

Last month was one of the most intense and productive months of my life: I worked more than ever on my relationship with myself, my relationship with my daughter and on The Magic of Chaos (incredible things are coming), I did the Zunya Warriors Journey program at Zunya in Costa Rica and it was anything but vacations... but realizing that you can mix work (internal and external) and productivity with such a wonderful environment, it gave me a glimpse of the kind of life I aspire for my future“, he confessed.

On this occasion, the attractive postcard was praised by thousands of followers and celebrities, who in addition to qualifying it with thousands of likes, also highlighted with the publication how spectacular it looks and the great results that its new lifestyle has left it.

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