Aislinn Derbez dazzles with her beauty posing with a tiny white strappy bikini in the jungle

No doubt Aislinn Derbez She continues to bet on a better quality of life in which not only she has benefited, as she demonstrated this weekend with a photograph in which she showed off the changes she has obtained in recent years.

And it is that the actress shared through her official Instagram profile a photograph in which she showed off the great body she has obtained thanks to a change of habits that have benefited her not only in her family life, but also on a personal level. left great results from which even his fans have benefited.

Along with the image in which she appeared modeling a white bikini in the middle of the jungle, Eugenio Derbez’s daughter added a message with which she highlighted the importance of discipline in her life.

“Lately I have been surprised to experience that my freedom is closely related to my discipline. I used to think that freedom was more about doing what I want when I feel like it; and although it feels good for a while I hardly brought well-being and long-term stability“, was how he began his reflection.

Likewise, he confessed that over time he has received the best reward for his effort, for which he ended by questioning his followers about their perception of freedom.

“And as everything is, this life is a give and take; I have noticed how the reward and the feeling of freedom is directly proportional to my will and my effort. And you, what makes you feel free? ”, She pointed out.

As expected, the sensual image was praised by thousands of followers and celebrities, who in addition to qualifying it with a “like”, also highlighted with the publication how spectacular it looks and the great results that its new style of hair has left. lifetime.

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