Airlines will ask for focus on infrastructure

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The airlines affiliated with the National Chamber of Air Transport (Canaero), among which are Aeroméxico, Avianca, Air Canada, Executive Airlines and Estafetaamong others, prepare a document that encompasses all the challenges and opportunities of the Mexico's airline sector to present it to the presidential candidates.

In interview, Diana Olivares, president of Canaero, noted that companies still list all pending items, however, Airport infrastructure will be a central issue.

We are just working on putting together information about what we as an industry believe is best. We are preparing it and we are going to present it to you. I hope they are open to listen to it, understand it and to be able to work together. Among the topics that will be included are infrastructure, processes, the importance of the sector, etc., perhaps in a couple of weeks we will have all the topics,” he said.

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He added that once the document is concluded, they will seek to start talks with the candidates for the Presidency of the Republic.

In addition to wanting to prepare the document as soon as possible, we also want to start talking with the candidates now. It is important to take a strong role in communicating the needs so that they can understand it.”


Olivares also mentioned that airlines still hope that the cutting operations per hour in the Mexico City International Airport (AICM), which will go from 52 to 43, starting next January 8, is a temporary measure.

I understand what it is (the decision to cut), they wanted to do it now in October and they moved it to January so as not to affect the high seasons. Let's hope it's temporary,” she said.

According to the directive, the measure that seeks to reduce the saturation of AICM terminals It will affect at least a thousand weekly flights.

A thousand flights per week will be affected, but it will no longer be a high season and passengers have already been warned, but there is undoubtedly an impact since slots (landing and takeoff times) are reduced. "We believe that the complication is within the terminals and not in the airspace, but so far they (the federal government) have not moved on their position that it is for January."

Olivares acknowledged that the cuts in the AICM Yes, they could affect ticket prices since these are calculated based on supply and demand; however, he accepted that the terminals need maintenance and that they no longer support so many passengers.

He assured that the infrastructure of the AICM is deplorable and needs greater investment because 80% of the income that comes from Airport Use Fee (TUA), He leaves to pay the debt for the cancellation of the Texcoco airport.

The infrastructure is deplorable, more than 25 airlines are there and we do need to fix that airport, money is needed, it is understood that it needs maintenance.”

The president of the Canaero recognized that the reduction of TUA that proposes the federal government for concessioned airports it could help reduce final rates for the consumer. “If the TUA goes down, there will be a rate reduction for the final consumer, that is good.”

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