Airlines around the world cancel or modify routes to the US due to 5G concerns

Lufthansa said it had canceled a Miami-bound flight and would switch from the Boeing 747-8 to the 747-400 on some flights.

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Multiple international airlines canceled flights to the United States scheduled for Wednesday, because the Planned launch of 5G service raises security concerns.

cancellations occurred despite decisions by AT&T and Verizon to temporarily delay their 5G rollout near airports.

Federal aviation officials and major US airlines worry that 5G signals could interfere with instruments that measure altitude on some models of passenger planes, such as the widely used Boeing 777.

Dubai-based Emirates said it was changing flight plans "due to operational concerns associated with the planned rollout of 5G mobile network services in the United States at certain airports."

The airline said flights to certain US destinations are suspended "until further notice."

"We are working closely with manufacturers and relevant authorities to alleviate operational concerns, and look forward to resuming our US services as soon as possible," Emirates said in a statement.

Emirates said the decision affects flights to airports in Boston, Chicago, Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, Miami, Newark, Orlando, San Francisco and Seattle.

Flights to New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC will continue as scheduled.

Japan-based All Nippon Airways made a similar announcement, noting that the Federal Aviation Administration "has indicated that radio waves from 5G wireless service may interfere with aircraft altimeters."

"Boeing has announced flight restrictions on all airlines operating the Boeing 777 aircraft, and we have canceled or changed the aircraft for some flights to or from the US based on Boeing's announcement," All Nippon Airways said.

The cancellations affect 20 flights, including some to New York and Chicago.

Air India said it would cancel flights to New York, Newark, Chicago and San Francisco "due to the rollout of 5G communications in the United States."

Japan Airlines said it would stop using the Boeing 777 aircraft model on flights to the United States until security issues are resolved.

Germany-based Lufthansa said it canceled a Miami-bound flight and would switch from the Boeing 747-8 to the 747-400 on some flights.

British Airways has canceled some US flights scheduled to use the Boeing 777 and switched to different aircraft models on other routes.

On Tuesday, an AT&T spokesperson said the company would continue its 5G rollout as scheduled, but had "voluntarily agreed to temporarily defer powering up a limited number of towers around certain airport runways" due to safety concerns. .

Verizon said it had "voluntarily decided to limit our 5G network around airports."

Both telecom giants expressed frustration that concerns related to the 5G rollout have yet to be resolved.

His decision to modify plans came after CEOs of US airlines and shipping companies warned top officials in the Biden administration that the launch could cause “catastrophic” disruptions to air travel. .

CEOs suggested flight cancellations could top 1,000 a day if potential signal interference is not addressed.

Despite the decision to alter the 5G rollout, Delta Air Lines warned that some modifications to flight schedules may still occur. "While this is a positive development in preventing widespread disruptions, some flight restrictions may prevail," Delta said in a statement.

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