AI is being used for extortion and sexual harassment: FBI

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has warned Americans that criminals are increasingly using artificial intelligence to create sexually explicit images in order to intimidate and extort victims.

In an alert circulated this week, the FBI said it had recently observed a increase in extortion victims who said they had been targeted using doctored versions of innocent images taken from online posts, private messages, or video chats.

“The photos are then sent directly to the victims by malicious actors for extortion or sexual harassment,” the warning said.

“Once it circulates, victims may face significant problems to prevent continued sharing of manipulated content or removal from the internet.”

The FBI said that the pictures looked “real” and that, in some cases, there were children who were attacked.

The FBI did not go into details about the programs. that are used to generate sexual imagery, but noted that technological advances were “continually improving the quality, personalization, and accessibility of artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled content creation.”

The office did not respond to inquiries seeking details about the phenomenon.

Manipulating innocuous images to create sexually explicit images is almost as old as photography itself, but the release of open source AI tools has made it the process easier than ever.

The results are often indistinguishable from real-life photographs and a number of websites and social media channels have sprung up in recent years specializing in the creation and sharing of AI-enabled sexual images.

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