Aguascalientes is projected to the world through culture, sports and tourism: Tere Jiménez

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In his first year at the head of the government of Aguascalientes, Tere Jiménez has consolidated a transformative change in various key areas for the improvement of the hydro-warm society, focusing, among others, on the promotion of culture, sports and tourism as fundamental pillars for the development of the state.

In the cultural part, obtaining international recognition with the declaration of Aguascalientes as American Capital of Culture 2023highlighting its tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

With an investment of 320 million pesos, cultural activities tripled, highlighting the traditional National Fair of San Marcos 2023 with an economic impact that exceeds 9,280 million pesos.

Regarding tourism, record figures were broken and new attractive destinations were consolidated, more than 2 million tourists have visited Aguascalientes this year, generating an economic benefit of 4,290 million pesos, 17.17% more than the previous year.

Events such as "Vive las Vendimias 2023" and the First Chaska and Elote Festival have strengthened the tourist offer, while the designation of Pabellón de Hidalgo as a Magic Town increased the attraction of visitors.

Supporting outstanding athletes, Aguascalientes placed 14th in the medal table at the CONADE 2023 Nationals.

Likewise, the "Orgullo Aguascalientes" scholarship program benefited 190 high-performance athletes.
On the other hand, sports facilities were improved, as well as support for athletes, placing the State in 14th place in the medal table at the CONADE 2023 Nationals, underlining the commitment to the physical and mental health of the population.

In this way, Tere Jiménez has demonstrated a sustained commitment to culture, sports and tourism, recognizing their essential role for the well-being of new generations and the development of Aguascalientes.

This first year of management stands out as an encouraging initial period that promises to continue projecting the wealth and potential of the state at the national and international level.

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