After the departure of Andrés Lillini, who will be the new coach of Pumas UNAM?

Andrés Lillini no longer has a team in Liga MX.

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Although before his dismissal it was said that Ricardo 'Tuca' Ferreti would not be the possible replacement for Andrés Lillini, now the Argentine strategist was fired from the Pumas UNAM bench, something that now makes many fans of the university team wonder, who will be our new coach?

Now, after knowing this, it seems that history would be changing, because from Mexico there is talk that the board of directors of the auriazul team would seek the services of 'Tuca'. Also, Guillermo 'Memo' Vazquez Jr.would also be on the list of possible coaches to lead Pumas in Clausura 2023.

Let's remember that 'Tuca' began his career as a coach at Pumas, which is why he could have a place within the club, considering that he already has up to two stages on the bench. In Clausura 2009, Ferretti managed to lift the title away from Pachuca.

Added to this, Ferreti has not had a club since May 2022, when he was stripped of the technical direction of FC Juárez after poor results in the current Liga MX tournament.

On the other hand, if we talk about 'Memo' Vázquez, he has already led the team in up to three stages. However, like 'Tuca', he is without a bench after being kicked out of Necaxa, which is why a return to the Auriazul team could be announced within the next few days.

In addition, Vázquez can also say that he obtained the championship in the Clausura 2011 in Ciudad Universitario with an unbeatable goal from Javier Cortés against Morelia, which is why he would try to give the best to the feline team that needs new ideas for the future.

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