After the creation of the Popular Peace Units, they demand that the Maduro regime not arm the civilian population

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Nicolas Maduro

The Venezuelan NGO Citizen Control He asked the regime this Thursday “guarantee"that the civilian population does not act armed, after the announcement of the creation of the Popular Peace Unitsgroups of followers of Chavismo that will operate in all the communities of the country to combat the “plans” of violence of the “extreme right”, denounced by the dictator Nicolás Maduro.

In a statement, the NGO praised the call for peace made this Wednesday by the head of state when he announced the creation of these units, but pointed out that it must be guaranteed that the civilian population “do not act armed for this purpose, since according to the Constitution (...) the maintenance and restoration of public order (...) is the responsibility of the citizen security bodies”.

On Wednesday, during a meeting with the political and military high command, Maduro created the Special Council for Peace (Cepaz) which will be headed by the considered number two of Chavismo, God given hairand "It will be the national articulating, building and leading body of the Popular Units for Peace, the Upaz.”.

Maduro created the Special Council for Peace (Cepaz) which will be headed by Diosdado Cabello (photo) (EFE/Rayner Peña R.)
Maduro created the Special Council for Peace (Cepaz) which will be headed by Diosdado Cabello (photo) (EFE/Rayner Peña R.)

He added that the groups will be formed “in the 46,542 communities of the country", so he asked his followers organized throughout the territory to create these instances, activated, according to the president, since Wednesday.

In this regard, the president of Citizen Control, Rocio San Miguelassured that "in the past, and coinciding with pre-electoral processes, units have been articulated for the supposed defense of peace, some of which have been made up of armed individuals outside the lawwhich they end up committing serious crimes against the population In Venezuela".

In this sense, he urged the regime to define “taxatively” the functions of these units, since he considers that “there is a danger that they will be used by radical factorsahead of the start of the electoral campaigns in Venezuela, to intimidate and commit human rights violations.”

(With information from EFE)

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