After shooting, security is guaranteed at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, by F1: Pablo Vázquez Camacho

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He Secretary of Security, Pablo Vazquez Camacho I affirm that security is guaranteed of the Mexican Grand Prix of the Formula 1after the shooting unleashed the night of Thursday in the vicinity of the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodromewhere this weekend the Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix.

“It (security) is so guaranteed,” he said, that on Friday, during the practices 1 and 2 prior to the race Sunday October 29I was defeated attendance record.

The organizers of the Great Circus on Mexican soil they reported that this Friday, October 27, 109 thousand 245 people They entered the Autodromo, to witness the first activities of the Mexican Grand Prixsurpassing the 108 thousand 981 people who attended the first tests, of the F1on Friday, October 28, 2022, the day it also broke attendance record.

With a operational of more than 2,500 police officers, security around the event at the Autodromo, Vázquez Camacho insisted, is “fully guaranteedthere is a very solid operation and a experience of many years working in the Formula 1 event,” he stressed.

This, by maintaining that the shooting that broke out on Thursday night in the vicinity of the Autodromo it was a isolated incident.

“We are not talking about a situation that prevails in the area, It was an isolated incident. derived from a investigation very specific,” stated the Chief of the Capital Police.

The shooting left two dead, one of them, the police Luis Leonardo Araiza Ortegaindicative Tláhuac-Delta, as well as one of the supposed criminalsplus three injured.

One of the lines of investigation has to do with the possible operation of a gang dedicated to vehicle theft that in recent days “a person was stripped of his belongings” in the streets of the Miguel Hidalgo Mayor's Officerevealed the secretary.

“When following one of the vehicles, it was detected that it participated in the shooting” on Thursday night, in the area surrounding the Autodromo, in the Magdalena Mixhucain the Mayor's Office Venustiano Carranza.

The band would be made up of tres or four individuals. "That will be determined by the investigation," she said, while noting that "it is not confirmed"that said subjects are of nationality Venezuelanand that they operate at the capital's Airport, as has emerged.

Vázquez Camacho called “not to create confusion in that sense", until the nationality of said individuals.

“Because it is often said that they are from foreign nationalitybut when it comes to verifying, it is not the case," said the Chief of the Capital Police, in Press conference after the presentation of the Panteones CDMX 2023 Operation.

He added that it has not been determined if these subjects operate at the capital airport.

“So far we are not entirely clear if the monitoring originates from the Airport, since it is the entire area close to the Autodrome itself,” he said.

On the other hand, the official confirmed that an alleged ticket reseller was arresteds of Formula 1, in the vicinity of the Autodromo.


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