After removal of wall in Arizona, jaguars reestablish their habitat on the border

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Following the removal of the illegal container wall placed by former Arizona governor Doug Ducey on the border with Sonora, a wild jaguar was photographed twice, in March and May 2023, on federal trails in the Huachuca Mountains in the south of the state. .

"These images show that, despite so many obstacles, jaguars continue to reestablish their habitat in the United States and Mexico," said Russ McSpadden, conservation advocate at the Center for Biological Diversity (CDB).

The activist noted that this is a wonderful reminder that these big cats move great distances across the border and how important it is to protect their biological corridors.

According to the CDB, this is the second jaguar detected in the Huachuca Mountains since 2016. The first was a young male named Yo'oko, jaguar in Yaqui, a specimen that was later photographed dead in Sonora in 2018.

The other jaguar observed in recent years is El Jefe, which roamed the Whetstone and Santa Rita Mountains between 2011 and 2015. El Jefe was observed in 2022 on a trail camera approximately 193 kilometers south in Sonora

The Center for Biological Diversity added that the seven-year gap between detections illustrates how elusive jaguars can be and how far they can migrate.

In December 2022, the CBD asked the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to work on reintroducing jaguars to New Mexico and designating much broader critical habitat in New Mexico and Arizona.

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