After presenting anthology, Zurita 'tastes' the mariachi song

After presenting anthology, Zurita 'tastes' the mariachi song
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After presenting his anthology yesterday Three times your shadow, at the Marie José and Octavio Paz House, the Chilean poet Raúl Zurita (Santiago, 1950) received a surprise: a mariachi group, sent by the poet and cultural promoter Antonio Calera-Grobet, arrived at the headquarters to bring him Mexican music. Immediately, the poet was moved and to the surprise of the audience he demonstrated his knowledge and mastery of pieces such as Bold of my regrets, She, Red Skyand Open bookwhich he reviewed with his lips, in silence.

Moments before, Zurita expressed that as the years go by, a feeling of perplexity and doubt about what the poet does has invaded him. “I'm not sure and it seems to me that I should have the answer to that question at hand.” However, upon returning to the same premise he asserted that “the poet only serves to maintain hope. It is that small wisp of light that passes through the most remote of windows.”

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And he added: “The world is a victim and a victimizer, we poets are the first victims, but also the first victimizers and also the first who have to stand up to say: 'Yes, it is going against everything, against everything that one sees, that, However, a new morning will come.”

The anthology Three times your shadow It is published by El Arco y la Flecha Editores, it compiles 300 poems, 150 chosen by the editor Carmen Rojas and 250 by the prologue writer Elisa T. Munizza.

In addition, a reading of poems was carried out by Zurita himself, Mario Bojórquez, Alí ​​Calderón, Roberto Amézquita and Leymen Pérez, among others.


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