After losing to Gervonta Davis and after the separation from Eddy Reynoso, what will the future hold for Ryan Garcia?

Ryan Garcia in the fight that fell by knockout against Gervonta Davis.

Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images

Almost three weeks after losing by knockout to Gervonta Davis, little is known about Ryan GarcĂ­a apart from the break with Eddy Reynoso, who days ago called him undisciplined. The expectation grows in boxing fans before a boxer who promises a lot but who undoubtedly did not rise to the occasion in his last fight.

After the loss to Davis, the first thing Garcia said was that from now on he will focus on 140 pounds for the rest of his career.. And it is that apart from the large number of followers of his on social networks, García must undoubtedly turn his career around, take advantage of the Latino connection and, why not?, follow the advice of Óscar de la Hoya learning to speak spanish.

But beyond the forms, which are important, GarcĂ­a must show the boxing world and Reynoso himself that he does have focusand the best thing would be recovering from the heavy blow caused by the knockout of Gervonta Davis, not only because of the defeat but rather because of the form.

Ryan Garcia at the pre-fight weigh-in with Gervonta Davis (Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images)

Also it is said that the winner of the fight between Rolando Romero and Ismael Barroso would be Ryan's next rival in his reappearance. All that has been said so far is unofficially, but what is certain is that GarcĂ­a must reinvent himself soon and think about the immediate future, since to be considered among the greats he must rise up and face adversity.

Scotsman Josh Taylor, Subriel MatĂ­as from Puerto Rico, Alberto Puello from the Dominican Republic, and Regis Prograis from the United States are other possible names. that they can come across Ryan GarcĂ­a, who after the defeat against Gervonta, it seems very difficult to think of a rematch at least for now.

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