After countless controversies, PGA and Liv Golf reach an agreement to merge

The legendary Tiger Woods had refused to sign a contract with Liv Golf.

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PGA and Liv Golf left behind their differences and ended up reaching an agreement to merge for the benefit of the golf, something unthinkable until weeks ago, when there were threats of lawsuits and exchanges of statements that were not at all friendly between both organizations.

Liv Golf is an insurgent league that comes from Saudi funds and that had separated players, fans and golf people in general. Even Tiger Woods, considered by many to be the best golfer in history, had refused to sign a contract with them, to protect his dignity, as he let it be known at the time. Now these crusades seem to have made no sense and finally the money ended up doing its thing.

Liv Golf's incursion adds to Saudi Arabia's intentions to dominate the sport worldwide and to wash its face in the world through sportthey have already done it with soccer with the hiring of Cristiano Ronaldo and other stars, with boxing and Formula 1. In golf they were determined to unseat the PGA, and this led them to a crisis that left them no more options .

Many times it was spoken from the PGA media that Liv's financing was stained with blood, statements that are now carried away by the wind with a merger that perhaps seemed impossible, but in this world it shows that money can do anything. It is important to specify that the governor of the state entity in Arabia, who is a financier of LIV Golf, will be the president of the new organization as detailed The New York Times.

Among the terms of the contract, it is found that Saudi Arabia may continue to take possession of the organization and the sport whenever there is a need for further funding.. It should be noted that the Trump family celebrates this merger because it had supported the idea for some time.

This way another stage in golf is bornalthough it ends up being paradoxical and leaves behind the controversies and accusations between both parties that will now lead golf destinations, but with the Saudis as the main winners.

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