After being Ugly Betty, she now has a main role as Barbie

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One of the first names that stands out on the poster of the new movie "Barbie" is that of America Ferrera who does not come out of her astonishment and says "I never imagined that one day I would be in a Barbie movie, dressed in Barbie clothes"

Since the participation of the actress of Honduran origin from "Ugly Betty" (Betty La Fea) and "How to Train Your Dragon" was announced, fans have been wondering what her character would be and if she was Admirer of these dolls since I was little.

“The truth is, no, I never played with Barbies as a child,” Ferrera said in a recent interview via video call from Los Angeles.

"For many reasons, they weren't cheap, and also, I don't know, like I didn't feel represented in that world."

But what made him say yes to the project starring Australian actress Margot Robbie and Canadian Ryan Gosling, directed by American filmmaker Greta Gerwig, was an opportunity to "change history," he said.

“To represent more of us in the Barbie story, which is so influential, so pervasive in our culture,” she added. "And it was also Greta and Margot, I've been a fan of them for a long time and they're both so smart, they think so much and I knew they had perspective for this Barbie icon."

In the film, which opens on July 20, Ferrera plays Gloria, an executive at Mattel, the company that makes Barbies in real life. Gloria used to play with dolls and her daughter, but things have changed.

"As a mother, I felt that very deep relationship," Ferrera said about this aspect of her character. "That's part of the pain, too, that her daughter had something that connected her and allowed her to be imaginative and playful and now her daughter is growing up in a way that she's leaving that world behind."

“And that's not perfect either, and her journey is giving herself more and more permission to be all that she is, that we can stay connected to our playful side, our creativity, our imagination, our desire to dress special and express ourselves.

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