Afghanistan: At risk, half a million children's education

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In accordance with UNICEFmore of 300 thousand girls and 200 thousand children in Afghanistanthey could lose their right to access to the education if the taliban prohibit the international NGOs work on Educational programs in the middle eastern country.

For years, this organization provided opportunities for girls and boys in the more remote regions of the country could have access to a community education. Thus, he urged that the transfer of this responsibilities at national NGOsusing a method of comprehensive evaluation that determines that they can develop these capabilities.

In the UNICEF statement, shared with the EFE agency, the organization urgently requested that "the best interests of the child at the center of all decision-making and reiterates that all children have the right to learn”.

The statement comes after the Taliban made the decision, in mid-April, to lay off temporarily all educational activities in two provinces in southern Afghanistan, limiting the access of tens of thousands of young people and children to exercise this human right.

This restriction came two weeks after fundamentalists prevented the women employed by the UN could carry out their work, and joins a long list of prohibitions against Afghan women since the Taliban retook possession of Kabulon August 15, 2021.

Others vetoes towards women in the region range from the imposition of islamic veilthe segregation of the sexes in public spaces and the fact that they have to be accompanied by a male relative on long journeys.

Likewise, the fall of the Afghan capital also meant the suspension of the secondary education for women, supposedly, until it adapts its contents to the islamic lawwhich, from December, extended until universities in all the country.

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