AeroMobil creates the first four-seater flying car

AeroMobil announces the world’s first 4-seater flying car: a disruptive solution for door-to-door shared rides.

Photo: AeroMobil / Courtesy

The AeroMobil automotive firm, specialized in developing flying cars, unveiled the second model of its flying car segment, the AM NEXT, which has space for four seats. AM NEXT leverages innovative engineering from AM4.0, the world’s first production flying car.

According to AeroMobil, AM4.0 is a 2-seater luxury vehicle: more than a supercar and a light aircraft combined, it is a new kind of car that will start to be delivered in 2024.

AM NEXT, which will be launched in 2027, and will be focused on the fleet air transport service. A.M NEXT will provide significant time savings on regional routes in the 100-500 mile rangewhich are too long to drive and too short to fly.

AM NEXT will provide hassle-free travel, balancing door-to-door single-seat comfort and convenience. AeroMobil indicated that in this vehicle passengers will be able to work from the comfort of their seatthey can also rest, play or simply enjoy the view.

The brand added, in a statement, that a management consulting firm had estimated the total addressable market for AeroMobil’s ride-sharing service at $70 billion annually in North America alone.

According to the company, the flying car has significant advantages over other advanced air mobility solutions. AeroMobil’s technology uses the existing infrastructure, since more than 10,000 airstrips are available in the United States. It also conforms to automotive and aviation regulations.

“AeroMobil’s business model is efficient in terms of capital and overhead. The company designs the hardware and software, will manage the customer experience through a proprietary flight booking application. Manufacturing and fleet operations are outsourced to leading specialists in these fields,” the statement said.

“AM NEXT will democratize the regional travel market. AeroMobil will leverage AM4.0’s regulatory and engineering proof-of-concept, and its premium brand, in AM NEXT’s mass-market air travel calling service,” said Patrick Hessel, CEO of AeroMobil.

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