Adriana Lima looks unrecognizable and causes criticism

Adriana Lima looks unrecognizable and causes criticism
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During the preview of the new film 'The Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbirds'the model that captivated thousands of people on catwalks Victoria's Secret, Adriana Limasurprised by showing off an appearance unrecognizablecausing controversies in social networks.

After the appearance of the 42-year-old supermodel, Adriana Limawith a expensive completely different from what many remembered, the Internet users reacted on social networks Making a comparison in which the celebrity looks unrecognizable.

In the recent photo, Adriana Lima shows changes in features of the expensive that his fans loved, for example, in the eyeswhich now look stretched and small, compared to photographs of before. Besides, his face seems inflamed, according to Internet users.

Given this, users on social networks reacted disappointedsince they assure that she was beautifulbut the obsession with looking better could have led her to make some aesthetic repairss that turned out to be counterproductive.

"Beautiful woman. Someone convinced her to make stuffing. A lot of filling,” wrote one Internet user.

On the other hand, social network users resorted to reviews and comparisonsby saying that surely the Ariana Lima's face looks unrecognizable because of an allergy to shrimp or that he looked like an actor from 90s action movies.

“Looking at the image on the right, I thought Steven Seagal had transitioned,” responded one netizen.

Adriana Lima responds to criticism after looking unrecognizable

Before the photography by Adriana Lima in which your face looks unrecognizablethe model decided to respond to the critics in an Instagram story. In order to show that her face had not changed that much and clarify why she looked like that, in order to make people aware of avoiding making negative comments without knowing the situation.

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"The face of a tired mother of a teenager, two pubescent girls, a very active child, a one-year-old child who is learning to walk and three dogs. Thank you for your concern," she shared.

With this response from Adriana Lima about her unrecognizable face at the preview of the film 'The Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbirds', it could be assumed that the model denied having had surgery. However, this has not yet been confirmed.

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