Adrián Rueda- Now the opposition alliance is heating up

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Although in recent weeks the political issue has been the wild fight for Morena's candidacy for the Head of Government, in the coming days the flame will rise in the Alliance for Mexico City, where several are already gathering their gasoline cans.

Although the favorite remains the mayor of Benito Juárez, Santiago Taboadaalready has three other mayors—all licensed—in the ring: Adrian Rubalcavafrom Cuajimalpa; Lia Lemonby Álvaro Obregón, and Sandra Cuevasfrom Cuauhtémoc.

When it was thought about consolidating an Alliance candidacy for the city, everyone assumed that Taboada He would walk without a problem, since the PAN is recognized as the strongest opposition.

Nobody imagined then that a rebellion of mayors could take place, led by Rubalcavawho is one of the main promoters of polls, debates and even voting at the polls for the opposition to define its candidate.

This rebellion of mayors occurred basically because the majority of them complained that Santiago —supported by the deputy Jorge Romeroleader of the PAN group of The Magnificent Five— he addressed them not as a candidate, but as if he were already head of Government.

As in Morena with Omar Hamid García Harfuchwhom Claudia Sheinbaum tried to impose without prior consensus, the PAN members did not take care to process the candidacy of Taboada and the matter became heated.

The main confrontation is between the mayors of Benito Juárez and Cuajimalpa, whose relationship is tense and what follows, so everyone in the opposition urges to define the rules of the contest.

And the fact is that the usual opportunists have wanted to take advantage of this delay, especially in the PRD, a party that the only thing it contributes is the letterhead, where the national leader, Jesus Zambranoand his squire Luis Espinosa Chazarothey want to hang themselves from the alliance.

In his ambition to be a senator, but first to present himself as a candidate for the capital government, Thorny —Jaliscian raised in Querétaro, who spends his time swearing that he is chilango— operates in the Aztec sun to leave out the deputy Victor Hugo Lobowho also aspires to the position.

The problem is that, if Wolf is ignoredin one of those he grabs his chivas and goes somewhere else with his music, which would affect not only the PRD, but the alliance in general, since in a race as close as expected, his votes can tip the balance.

This issue should concern Taboada already Rosemaryand decide if they want someone like Wolfthe most important PRD leader in the city, or be burdened with Zambrano and Thornywhich do not give them more than 10 votes, but they will be a very heavy burden.

The flame is just beginning, but there are already several blowing on it to make it expand.

As it has become a custom in the 4T governments to inaugurate works without being ready, just for the photo. Like the AIFA, the Mayan Train or the refinery in Dos Bocas, for example. In Morelos, with the Cuernavaca-Tepoztlán bypass, inaugurated by Cuauhtémoc Blanco and the President, but months later it continues in work. Or in CDMX with the Elevated Trolleybus over Ermita Iztapalapa or the rehabilitation of Line 12. Now it is repeated with the already late reopening of Metro Line 1, inaugurated on Sunday by Marti Batres, but which, until yesterday, was still closed. That's why now when you hear a “I'm tired of the goose” that Acapulco raised, the people of Buenos Aires express “we're worth it”; Let's see, tell them no.

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