Adrián Rueda- Claudia feared another void

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To prevent her party from creating a vacuum similar to the one they did in the Azul Stadium, which forced her to cancel an event, Claudia Sheinbaum ordered to advance to today the act of unity from CDMX, which had originally been rescheduled for Sunday.

Because Morena will announce tomorrow the winner of the candidacy for the Head of Government in 2024 - which could deepen the internal rupture in the 4T - the cork elderly He requested that the tribal meeting be held this day at the Arena México.

On October 24, when he was even in the access tunnels to the Estadio Azul field, where he would lead a act of unity, Sheinbaum was forced to cancel, since the stands were empty.

Given this, the national leader of Morena went up to the stage to scold the leaders who failed in the carry, and announced that the event would take place on Sunday, November 12, and that this time there would be a full house in the stadium.

But as tomorrow it is defined if Clara Marina Brugada Molina or Omar Hamid García Harfuch win the candidacy in CDMX — which could unleash chaos in their party and expose them to another empty—, it was better to advance the meeting.

Of course, it will no longer be in the Blue Stadium, where they would have to bring about 40 thousand people to fill it; They decided on the old Arena México, where well stumps about 15 thousand would fit.

And it is that a second snub in the city that he ruled, and that should have been his fortress, he could not stand it Sheinbaum and he doesn't want to expose himself anymore. Since they still don't know who won the poll, everyone will have to go today and behave, just in case.

For those who like to decipher the signs encrypted, it seems to them that the reprogramming of event of unit of CDMX indicates that Claudia has already opted for Garcia Harfuchand fears that the mayor of Iztapalapa could rebel.

Because if the chosen one were Clara Marina, there would be no reason to advance the event, since the former Secretary of Citizen Security would discipline himself without problem; The event could well have been held for Sunday, which is a holiday and everyone could have gone.

In any case, the presidential candidate's insecurities show her to be hesitant in the eyes of her own colleagues, who are increasingly questioning whether, in reality, she is the one making the decisions.

Because if he could not impose his candidate in his own city, no one would want to imagine what would happen in the states with those who do not accept their defeat and also rebel against the decisions emanating from the center.

And, if that were not enough, registration for mayors and deputies begins on Monday... another battle.

Let's see, let's see, how is it that the male candidates to govern their entity in 2024, and that despite winning the poll they have to give up their place to a woman, will they be rewarded with a senatorship? First of all, such a decision could be cause for a challenge before the Electoral Court, since political rights are violated, but there is also a lack of respect for the people, who according to Morena are the ones who decide and are not wrong. Secondly, do you think that giving everyone a crumb of the cake will heal the wounds and the tribes will go into next year's process together, and that the Clara Marina and Omar Hamid will work like brothers by the opposing leader? Although they will have to align themselves to get something, no one guarantees that they will not campaign for drooping arms so as not to empower whoever wins and keeps the city.

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