Adrián Rueda-Batman's equipment fails

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From being the almost sole favorite to win Morena's candidacy for the Head of Government, Omar Hamid García Harfuch He is in doubt to be the chosen one, although he continues to lead in the polls.

The panorama changed suddenly because –first of all– Claudia Sheinbaum He did not have the capacity to operate with the 4T groups, and his application was not processed.

He believed that the baton What they gave him in the Palace was enough to impose his candidate; He did not expect the brutal response from the hard-liners in his party, who are not used to following orders just like that, and they revolted against him.

They launched a campaign against Garcia Harfuchusing communicators and intellectuals relatedwho lean toward Clara Marina Brugada Molina as a candidate; the blow reached Claudia.

At first it was believed that they only wanted to escalate the negotiation to let the favorite of Sheinbaumbut the topic grew, until it reached an open challenge when he asked empty in a failed event at the Azul Stadium in CDMX.

Secondly, figures linked to the National Palace joined the campaign against Omar Hamidwhich was read as an endorsement by the President against the decision of the former head of Government.

But perhaps the most important thing is that the team that was imposed on the former Secretary of Citizen Security is made up of chiefs who in 2021 lost their territories.

They are there Victor Hugo Romodefeated in Miguel Hidalgo; José Luis Rodríguezlost District 12 of the capital; Rigoberto Salgadowho had already lost Tláhuac, and Julius Caesar The Nenuco Darkwho, although Venustiano Carranza retained, is a pest in Morena.

They have kidnaped to Omar Hamid and they are the ones who tried convert to Morenoism, when not even he feels comfortable with that speech – which not even the pejistas believe – and which disappoints the middle class.

They recommended using the Harfuchleaving aside the Omar, which is shorter, simpler and closer to people. They didn't think that Sheinbaum and Harfuch They could sound more like a gringo law firm than candidates close to the Mexican idiosyncrasy.

They dressed him in a cherry vest and ordered him to repeat like a parrot that he will continue with the transformation initiated by the doctor and the President, in a city that two years ago voted precisely against that project.

In one fell swoop, this bunch of losers took away his charm what he could have meant to the middle class: the brave official who was about to die for the citizens. The gallant who drew sighs and who connected with young people; They took him to the field Clara Marina.

Today they tell him that he is Batman, without thinking that the Batman became a hero because he had to save a city infested by crime and corruption. Is this how Morena sees Mexico City, which she has governed since 2018?

It seems that Batman's problem is that he has the Penguin, the Riddler, Catwoman and the Joker as a team.

And while the parties define their candidacies, the first independents have already entered in search of three mayoralties. Of 67 applicants, the INE registered three, among whom are Rodolfo Avila for Iztacalco; Jonathan Jarrillo for Iztapalapa and the businessman Sergio Alonso Medel for Miguel Hidalgo. Perhaps the latter is the one who may have some opportunity, since, in addition to knowing his mayorship, he is the son of Jose Medelformer leader of the GDF Single Workers Union and prominent union fighter in the city.

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