Adrián Rubalcava notifies Congress CDMX license for 15 days

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The mayor of Cuajimalpa, the PRI member Adrián Rubalcavanotified the Congress of Mexico City, that he will be absent from office for 15 calendar days and during that period, Carlos Alberto Gómez Hernández, general director of works and urban development of the mayor's office, will remain in charge of the office.

Rubalcava He expressed a few days ago that he would request the license, to seek the candidacy of the alliance goes through CDMX to the head of government.

Given that it is a license that does not exceed 15 calendar days, the mayor only notified the local Congress today through an official letter that was read during the ordinary session and the license did not have to be submitted to a vote of the plenary session.

Alianza Goes through CDMX

It is worth remembering that in the first minutes of last Monday, after delivering the agreement of Va por la CDMX alliance coalition before the IECMthe leader of the PAN in the city, Andrés Atayde, announced that November 15 will be the day on which all those interested in running for that candidacy can register, and then PAN, PRI and PRD will announce how many candidates will go to the second phase, in which there will be 3 debates and a survey.

Atayde also expressed that in the agreement coalitionit is established that the designation of the candidate for the head of government could also be done through a political agreement.

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