Adele shows off her Dr. Simi dolls and thanks her Mexican fans

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Adele She is one of the celebrities who have been most grateful to her fans when they give her a doll of the Dr. Simi and that has already become a tradition, since each one has kept it and through their social networks has not missed the opportunity to show them off, which has excited his mexican fans.

It was like this in instagram share photos with the best moments of their concerts and on September 9, he showed a photo in which you can see how and where he keeps the stuffed animals of the famous doctor. In her image you can see the singer in her dressing room, but above her are the iconic dolls of her dressed like her, as well as a Lele doll.

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VIDEO: Adele shows off her collection of Dr. Simi dolls

This Saturday, the interpreter of "Rolling in the Deep" shared a video of all the dolls that his fans have given him in the series of concerts he has had in the Caesars Palace of Las Vegasin the clip you can see dozens of dolls that occupy almost his entire chair, some disguised like Mexicans, others like her, some alluding to Day of the Dead or some simply with the typical doctor's coatbut all together in the same place.

These actions on the part of the singer have caused your fans get excited and ask him once again to come to Mexico, since the love what the artist has for our country, although so far there are no confirmed dates, although It is not ruled out that it will arrive in 2024.

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It should be remembered that Adele you already know what stuffed animals mean and in the same way, she has already seen the video in which they invite her to visit the place where the they manufactureso at one of his concerts he took a few minutes to talk about it.

I didn't know that Simi dolls were made by disabled people, it's a beautiful story. She had no idea. "They all give them to me dressed like me, they use my hairstyles, my outfits and things like that."


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