Addressing breast cancer, a priority for the government of Aguascalientes

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The governor of Aguascalientes, Tere Jiménez, announced that her administration will work so that those suffering from breast cancer, count on quality medical careeffective treatments and sufficient medicationsas well as timely detection of the disease and announced the upcoming arrival of 2 mammography machines.

They are not alone, we will always accompany them; We invite you to check yourself to prevent, no matter what we have to invest to save a life. We are not going to skimp on health, I want them to be treated as if they were someone in my family because in Aguascalientes we are all a family; “We will continue to advance so that everyone has access to quality health care, but above all, warmth,” said the governor.

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For its part, José Antonio Abad Mena, general director of the State Public Charity Institute, made breast prostheses, breast expanders and oncological bras available to those who require them. without cost.

And he announced that The mammograms that are about to arrive will go to the Women's Hospital and another to the Rincón de Romos Hospital.

At the same time Governor Jiménez recalled that the entity has the most modern linear accelerator in the countryso cancer is treated with less exposure time and respecting the tissues found around the tumors, thereby positioning Aguascalientes as an exemplary state in the management and treatment of this disease.

And Rubén Galaviz Tristán, Secretary of Public Health of the State, highlighted the governor's interest in developing a strategic plan to solve the health problems in the state.

By instructions from the governor, we are going to have a Seguro Aguascalientes clinic in each municipal capital, which will have mammograms and ultrasounds to address this problem, and we will also provide free and supply of medications,” said Galaviz Tristán.

Aurora Jiménez Esquivel, first volunteer and president of the State DIFmentioned that the institution she represents will provide all the tools so that women have the necessary means of care, and invited all those present to self-examine and perform mammograms, since this can save their lives.



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