Adamari López lets loose in a skirt and dances bachata with Quique Usales in Hoy Día’s studio


Adamari López, a great representative of Latin women.

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez. /Getty Images

The presenter of Today, Adamari Lopezhe gave a wad of eye again when dancing unleashed next to her Telemundo partner, Quique Usales. The Puerto Rican had a Very short flowered dress with which she showed off her legs when dancing bachata unleashed on the set of the television show.

Of course, there was no lack of more than one drooling for Adamari Lopez. To the rhythm of one of the catchiest tropical genres, the Bachata, Quique Usaleswas badly stopped by making it clear that the rhythm of the beautiful presenter of Today. Same, what Showing off his toned legs, he “put a foot down” unleashed while Quique was petrified. But this is only for that video on Instagram because the “disorder” of these two continued on the set of Today minutes later.

There is no doubt that this pair is having a blast. He just went to Quique Usales To who Adamari Lopez confessed to him in an interview that he knew about the relationship Tony Costa with Evelyn Beltran and sent them a message wishing them happiness and good luck. Toni Costa, for his part, no longer hides his relationship, much less the love he feels for the young Mexican.

Same as a few days ago she starred in a controversy with her ex-husband and father of her son, Tombi Domínguez, when he offered an exclusive interview to People en Español magazine in which he claimed not to know Toni Costa and not think: “Nothing of he”. She also said that she tried to salvage the 8-year relationship with Evelyn Beltran. She added that the couple broke up seven months ago when: “She found out about the infidelity.”

While, Adamari Lopez and Toni Costa they continue to have a healthy relationship with their daughter AlaiaDespite “Shorty” from Telemundo He confessed that they had differences sometimes in this regard, but that, because of Alaïa, they are able to put everything aside.

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