Adamari López dedicates an emotional message to her daughter Alaïa on her birthday

Adamari Lopez She is one of the favorite television presenters of the Latin public. The little girl has been in front of Telemundo's morning show for years and is now called "Hoy Día", with Adamari being the joy of the program.

López was partying celebrating another shorter than her — her daughter Alaïa — who was turning 7 years old. For the great celebration, Adamari threw the house out the window to honor her daughter on a very beautiful day.

On Instagram, Adamari dedicated an emotional message to her little daughter, beginning by saying "how much happiness" Alaïa has brought to her life.

How quickly these years have passed, but I have enjoyed every minute by your sideAdamari wrote on Instagram. “You are such a good girl, full of life, sweet, sensitive, strong and shy at the same time; I love your smile and how affectionate you are”

Adamari continued, “I want to see you grow up and that God allows me to accompany you for many years to continue being accomplices and create infinite memories together, travel, play more, sleep cuddly, hug you infinitely, eat you with kisses, hold your hand, take you to practice sports... I want to see you fulfill your dreams, each and every one of them! Oh my princess I love you madly, these have been the best 7 years of my life by your side.

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